[erlang-questions] Hi everyone

Ivan Carmenates García co7eb@REDACTED
Thu Feb 28 22:39:31 CET 2013

Hi Garrett I think remember you, well about Erlang User Group in Havana,
well for that I think the time need to pass so hard lol. When I got my
degree in the UCI. University of Informatics Sciences of Cuba, I left a few
knowledgers in the matter, (I don't know if that word really exits in
English "knowledgers"), well some friends of mime that knew about Erlang
because we studied together that technology by our own means and we did some
things great for us. Because of that was born SPI Team, and I hope some day
we will be more than that, just a team, a company maybe, lol. Then we will
create the Havana Erlang User Group.

PD: another thing I was writing a book about Erlang in spanish, I stopped
but know I will continue at the correct time. And I'm going to need any
possible help, if you are interesting I could serve of your knowledge.

Best, Ivan.

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Hi Ivan,

Welcome back!

I can't comment on the code, but I will say it's so very nice to hear from

I visited Cuba many years ago (illegally, fuck you US Dept of
Treasury!) when computers were banned. It struck me as a terrible tragedy --
something that would set back the Cuban people back decades in the field of
computer science.

It's very encouraging to see that may not be the case!

So when is the Havana Erlang User Group starting up :)


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