[erlang-questions] Am I leaking memory inside my linked in driver?

Zabrane Mickael zabrane3@REDACTED
Tue Feb 26 06:52:36 CET 2013

Thanks a lot Serge.

On Feb 26, 2013, at 1:40 AM, Serge Aleynikov wrote:

> [...]
> So as long as you initialize the ei_x_buff using ei_x_new() and
> deallocate it with ei_x_free() you are fine.

Yup, I'm deallocating memory with ei_x_free() all the time.

Final question: is it better in term of performances to use "driver_mk_atom("ok");" instead?
I mean, declare all my atoms (as static variables) once at the beginning and use their references.
No need for me to deallocate anything in that case, right?


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