[erlang-questions] anybody know how to start erlang (cowboy) with launchd on mac.

Jarimatti Valkonen jarimatti.valkonen@REDACTED
Sat Feb 23 14:08:19 CET 2013

Joe Armstrong <erlang@REDACTED> kirjoitti 22.2.2013 kello 20.31:

> This launches erlang/cowboy "on demand"
> 2) I fetch a web page from "http://localhost:11234"
> Erlang starts and starts cowboy
> Anybody know what the magic stuff in joe.experiments.plist is?

Hi (and apologies for the double post, this was intended to the list)

If you want to launch on-demand when a socket connection is made, then AFAIK it's a bit more complicated than just editing the launchd property list. Launchd listens on the socket and passes the socket into the actual program in it's own data structure.

The file format documentation (man 5 launchd.plist) specifies how to configure the socket and there's some Apple sample code here:


A full example with plist is included in the download, but the sample launchd plist file is not visible in the web site.

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