[erlang-questions] Wx Erlang - wxStyledTextCtrl problem

Hosszú Gábor gabre@REDACTED
Sun Feb 17 18:52:01 CET 2013


I tried to write a code browser using wxStyledTextCtrl but I  
encountered a strange problem.
I connected my wxStyledTextCtrl object to 'stc_doubleclick' because I  
need to know when the user double clicks (and I also need its  
position, etc...).
When I tested my program I saw that on double click no position  
information was given, and every field of the received wxStyledText  
record was 0 (anywhere I clicked):

The Wx/Scintilla documentation states the following (in section  
The mouse button was double clicked in editor. The position field is  
set to the text position of the double click, the line field is set to  
the line of the double click, and the modifiers field is set to the  
key modifiers held down in a similar manner to SCN_KEY.

My question/problem is that why the fields aren't set? Is this a bug?

Thanks, and best regards,
Gabor Hosszu

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