[erlang-questions] [ANN] Cowboy 0.8.0

Loïc Hoguin essen@REDACTED
Tue Feb 12 18:36:12 CET 2013

Hello there!

Cowboy 0.8 has been released. Cowboy is a small, fast and modular HTTP, 
REST and Websocket server.


The number of contributors who helped make this release considerably 
increased. Cowboy is available thanks to the code contributions from 50 
users, double from the last release where 25 contributed.

The number of users has also greatly increased. Cowboy is being used in 
ad bidding, set-top boxes, live TV events, content streaming services, 
and many more exciting areas.

This new version has many highlights. You can take a look at the 
changelog for detailed information about the many changes.


Cowboy scalability has been greatly improved in this version. This has 
been observed many times in production, including in the AdGear Tracker 
project (http://ferd.ca/rtb-where-erlang-blooms.html) where updated 
nodes were able to handle 2 times more requests compared to older nodes. 
This improvement cannot be observed in "hello world" types of 
benchmarks. An article will soon be published to explain the reasons for 

Cowboy now features a brand new user guide. It is still a work in 
progress, so please open a ticket on Github if something is missing or 


Remaining work before 1.0 include REST improvements and SPDY support. 
The rest of the API should now be very close to stable.

I am looking for a good writer who would like to co-author a Cowboy 
book. The book will be accessible to people who don't know Erlang but 
will also contain everything there is to know about Cowboy, making it 
suitable for both beginners and experts. Contact me if you are interested.

I now take donations in addition to commercial support options, to allow 
individual users to help the project stay alive and kicking.


Hope you enjoy it. As always, please send me as much feedback as 
possible to help me improve things even more, preferrably through Github 
tickets if it's related to code or documentation.

Thanks for reading.

Loïc Hoguin
Erlang Cowboy
Nine Nines

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