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I tested your command line on Windows 7 Ultimate. When the service starts a
window named 'Interactive Services Detection' pops up. It has a 'View the
messages' button. Pressing that changes to an empty desktop where I can
interact with an erl.exe shell, also having a similar window on that desktop
to switch back to my normal environment. 


Next I changed the service Log on user from Local System to my account, but
then neither saw the pop up nor the shell window.


After running the service I found an .erlang.cookie file created in my
C:\Windows folder containing the value displayed by erlang:get_cookie/0 in
the service's shell. But I found no way to use a cookie file placed




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When I run erlsrv -d console on win8 test machine, (should be same on win7
if you have that) I'm not getting a console.  If I change it to new, I do
get a debug file in -w folder.  Can anyone verify this on win7/8 to see if a
console opens with -d console.


My command line is:


erlsrv add "srvc-name" -name node@REDACTED -d console -w C:/somepath -args
"-s module"


I'm ultimately trying to figure out why when erlsrv is run, a .erlang.cookie
file is not being created in c:/somepath or is not being read from
c:/somepath if I put a custom one there or even in ERL_TOP/usr.



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