[erlang-questions] Best actor libraries in other languages?

Andrew Pennebaker andrew.pennebaker@REDACTED
Mon Feb 11 16:09:31 CET 2013

Of course Erlang has a killer actors library as a core component of itself.
Sadly, Erlang is not always an option (e.g., customer requires a JVM
language). Which actor libraries in other languages come close to Erlang's
in terms of:

* Syntax conciseness (spawn, !, receive)
* Polymorphism (receiving different kinds of messages)
* Fault-tolerance (GC per actor, actor crash doesn't crash the system)
* Live updates (different code versions up at the same time, hot code

Does Scala and/or Akka offer anything like these features? What about
Ruby's Celluloid? What are the best actor libraries in Common Lisp and

The Haskell community seems to prefer STM over actors. How does the Erlang
community feel about STM?


Andrew Pennebaker
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