[erlang-questions] I've started to implement a 6455 compliant erlang websocket client (help/users appreciated)

Jeremy Ong jeremy@REDACTED
Mon Feb 11 00:53:55 CET 2013


For those of you who have adopted websocket technology in your servers, I
have created a basic client for use in benchmarking and creating
system/integration tests for erlang code.

It can speak using either the gen_tcp or ssl transport and currently
handles text and binary messages.

I modeled the behaviour itself after essen's cowboy websocket_handler so
the usage should be very similar (I also used cowboy's code as reference in
a few places, I hope you don't mind Loic).

It is still missing a lot of base functionality, but I am releasing it
because I have already found it useful to benchmark my own application's
performance. So feel free to use it! And if you have a spare moment, feel
free to contribute code/tests. The root level readme has a bunch of todos :)

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