[erlang-questions] about your answer to the post “ Erlang Jobs?”

Pablo Vieytes pablo.vb80@REDACTED
Sat Feb 2 22:29:20 CET 2013

Dear Mr Molinaro,

I hope you find this message well. It is about your answer to the post
“[erlang-questions] Erlang Jobs?” in the erlang mailing list.

> Anthony Molinaro
> Fri Mar 23 19:03:32 CET 2012
> OpenX is always looking for Erlang engineers.  We have offices in
> Los Angeles, New York, and London.  The office in London is small
> and doesn't actually do development, but we might be able to swing
> a development position or two there.  If there is anyone interested
> please forward me a resume.

> -Anthony

It is a little bit old but maybe you are still interested in receiving

I have been working on job positions programmer, developer and software
engineer since 2007 in. Lately I have specialized in functional and
concurrent programming (Erlang/OTP). The Erlang project I have been
involved, is not in production yet. So I decided to get an "Erlang
Certificate" to prove my Erlang knowledge (Certificate number:

I also have extensive work experience as software developer with other
technologies. I have been working with a wide range of programming
languages. That includes, from assembler and low-level C for
microcontrollers and embedded system to OOP languages such C++ or Python
between others. I have also work with web technologies as Django, jQuery,
CSS, XHTML… I also enjoy contributing to opensoftware projects in my free

Since I started to work with Erlang, I realized I would like to further my
career in the designing and developing concurrent fault tolerant systems
with high availability. I believe that your company could be a perfect
place to achieve it.

If you find well you can check my attached CV.

In closing I thank you for your time and I hope this message doesn't bother

Best regards.

Pablo Vieytes .
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