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This is extremely hard to answer your question not knowing the application context, what it does, etc.
Just keep in mode that memory report is given in words with is either 4 or 8 byte depends on system config. This is a reason why linux show diff value. 

I would start with entop utility and check top processes with high men and high reductions.

Please share those views!

Best Regards, Dmitry

On Feb 2, 2013, at 10:52 PM, Alexandru Pirvulescu <sigxcpu@REDACTED> wrote:

> Hello,
> If somebody could help me with an issue, I would be grateful. I'm pulling my hair off trying to figure out why an erlang app keeps growing in memory usage. The erlang:memory() after 3 days shows this:
> [{total,325732292},
>  {processes,54520269},
>  {processes_used,54492115},
>  {system,271212023},
>  {atom,932793},
>  {atom_used,912937},
>  {binary,2348080},
>  {code,8288354},
>  {ets,487392},
>  {maximum,398189416}]
> The interesting part is "system" section. All other data is fine (processes goes to few MBs during the night as all the started procs are either hibernated - for long running or they die because of inactivity).
> There are two issues here:
> - "system" keeps growing (around 800MB/week)
> - OS (Linux) shows a significantly different amount of memory usage (almost 2x, 610MB resident in this case)
> The only case where I've managed to make "system" grow is by calling erlang:monitor() multiple times. It grows with ~13K/call.
> Erlang release used is R15B03. 
> The questions are:
> - is there any hidden function to inspect all the active process monitors? (as the single place where I use erlang:monitor looks fine. The spawned kid does its job and dies, so the ref should be garbage collected).
> - is there any way to inspect "system" section and find out what it contains? Looking at memory chunks in process map got me nowhere
> Thank you,
> Alex
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