[erlang-questions] Websocket client for yaws server - problem with fragmentation?

Fri Feb 1 16:04:22 CET 2013


I have tried to write some client functions to test the yaws websocket
server (https://github.com/arifishaq/erlws.git)

I have discovered a couple of interesting things I didn't know about:
- there is support for the ping message
- there is support for fragmented messages

On the latter, I have run into some problems and am curious to know what's
wrong, if anything is.

I am testing the server usign ct_run (see the suite in the test directory)

In practice, everything works, except when I try to send fragmented
messages. If there isn't a pause of at least 1 ms between the sending of
each fragmented message, the tests fragmented_text_delivery and
fragmented_binary_delivery fail.

Could this be a problem with the common test framework? Or with yaws?
Actually, the server does collect all the fragments and reports the
composed message to the callback module.

As I am a newbie to Erlang, I still don't know how to use trace or dbg to
try to figure out what's going on.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Best regards


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