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Loco Jay locojaydev@REDACTED
Tue Dec 31 00:18:46 CET 2013


I am having an issue getting ssl to work


I am having an ssl issue

The following gist


list’s how to install my setup (ubuntu 12.04 vagrant box, esl erlang
R16B03, ssl 5.3.2, cowboy's ssl_example on master).

I tested the following clients:

- curl, chrome , firefox, safari, python requests

on ubuntu 12.10 and osx 10.9 mavericks

with the following result's


UBUNTU  fails          | fails          | na          | works

OSX          fails         | fails(long stacktrace) | fails        | fails

 the gist contains server/client log’s for these options

I'm using the cowboy ssl example to demonstrate my problem. Using an other
self signed, or signed certificate results in the same issue.

Creating a pem file of the example key, cert ca-cert and using in ejabberd
13.12 works fine with all browser’s.

which:applications() in ejabberd 13.12 return’s ssl 5.3.2

I am confused since i thought that the issue would have been the ssl app
since we have

 cowboy —> ranch —> sslapp

I am out of idea’s and would really appreciate any help

Many thanks
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