[erlang-questions] ANN: kvlists: an Erlang library to manage decoded JSON documents and proplists

Juan Jose Comellas juanjo@REDACTED
Mon Dec 30 06:34:47 CET 2013

In case anyone is interested, here's a small library to manipulate lists of
key/value pairs in Erlang. It should be quite useful when dealing with
medium to large-sized nested property lists or decoded JSON documents (in
the format used by jsx <https://github.com/talentdeficit/jsx>). Its
interface is similar to that of the proplists module, with the addition of
nested key (*path*) retrieval and modification (loosely inspired by Bob
Ippolito's great kvc <https://github.com/etrepum/kvc> library), kvlists allows
a behavior similar to that of XPath <http://www.w3.org/TR/xpath/>, but with
a syntax specifically adapted to Erlang. It supports lists of key/value
pairs where the keys are either *atoms* or *binaries.* You can find it in:

The documentation is not very thorough yet, but the examples in the README
and the test suite should be enough to get started with it.

I hope anybody else finds it useful.

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