[erlang-questions] ANN: erln8: an Erlang version manager

Dave Parfitt dparfitt@REDACTED
Fri Dec 27 16:43:02 CET 2013

Hello -

I'd like to announce the first beta release of erln8 [0]. erln8 allows you
build Erlang from one or many git repos, and then "set and forget" a version
of Erlang *per directory*. If a suitable version of Erlang isn't found in
the current directory, erln8 searches up the directory tree until it finds

Basic features:
- specify the version of Erlang to use for a directory and all it's
    subdirectories with a simple command such as:

   erln8 --use R16B03

   This creates a simple erln8.config file in the cwd specifying the version
   of Erlang to use.

- supports multiple git repos, build from any branch/tag

- building from the canonical OTP git repo is as simple as:
    erln8 --build --tag OTP_R16B02 --id R16B02

- shell completion for erln8 commands and command parameters
      (bash-only for now)

- "link" to already built installations of Erlang so you can take
    advantage or erln8's --use command.

- store build configurations in ~/.erln8.d/config so you don't have to copy
   and paste them each time. Specify a configuration at build time with
--config my_config.

- written in C w/ glib

I'm sure there are some bugs to be worked out. Please feel free to submit
issues or pull requests via Github at [2].

And yes, I've heard of kerl [1], and it works great, but I wanted to build
and manage Erlang sources from git and be able to "set and forget" a version
of Erlang for a given directory. If you have any comments or suggestions,
please respond to me offline at [3], and flaming arrows can be sent to [4].

Happy New Year!

[0] http://metadave.github.io/erln8/
[1] https://github.com/spawngrid/kerl
[2] https://github.com/metadave/erln8
[3] diparfitt at gmail
[4] /dev/null
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