[erlang-questions] Inter nodes messaging bottleneck

Valentin Micic valentin@REDACTED
Wed Dec 11 09:01:02 CET 2013

> To remind you, when I'm moving the receiving machine - the throughput between the nodes is doubled. (which is still low, but it proves that the UDP sockets are not the bottleneck - 

Not sure what does "moving the receiving machine" mean and how does it prove that UDP sockets are not bottleneck.
Care to elaborate?

As for number of UDP sockets you're using: at some point you will face the curse of diminishing returns.
In my view, assuming that you've written an ideal server (*) and have adequate receiving buffer sizes, a number of cooperating UDP sockets (e.g. sockets offering the same service) should not exceed the number of CPU's used by Erlang run-time (in other words number of Erlang schedulers).

Could you share what kind of "socket activity" you're using with your server: {active, true}, {active, false} or {active, once}?


(*) A server that has zero processing time.

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