[erlang-questions] Any examples of use of Erlang in systems where safety is key requirement

José Valim jose.valim@REDACTED
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> Why do you insist those levels will preclude the use of Erlang? There is
> one area in which Erlang is currently not too suitable and that is for hard
> real time systems. But if you can accept soft realtime characteristics, it
> is possible to certify Erlang systems to a very high level. I have not
> heard of Erlangs use in such systems. But even if Erlang is not hard
> realtime, you can still use Erlang in such an environment. You just have to
> decouple the hard realtime components from the rest of the system in such a
> way that the rest of the system can run in a soft-realtime environment. And
> if the Erlang system fails to meet a deadline, the hard-realtime part just
> needs to have a way to do failure mitigation.

There was a talk at Codemesh this year (http://codemesh.io/) called "Grisp:
Building Space Ships with Erlang" that presented a system designed
similarly to what Jesper just described, with the hard-realtime decoupled
from the soft-realtime in Erlang. Although the video is not yet online, the
talk slides can be found on the website.

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