[erlang-questions] Processes hanging in prim_inet:close_port/1

Brandon Clark a.brandon.clark@REDACTED
Fri Dec 6 23:07:11 CET 2013


I have an application where, once in a while, processes appear to hang in
prim_inet:close_port/1.  I'm not sure what to do with that.

The application uses R16B02.

Here's a sample of the process info for a "stuck" process:







Apparently, this condition occurs -- intermittently -- when the client (the
process described above) and the server (a different app and platform)
decide to close their socket connection at about the same time.  Notice the
tcp_closed message in the inbox.

The socket in question is in {active, once} mode.

The {status,waiting} and {trap_exit, true} suggest to me that the process
is stuck in the receive at line 210 of prim_inet:

 188 close_port(S) ->
 189     case erlang:process_info(self(), trap_exit) of
 190         {trap_exit,true} ->
 191             %% Ensure exit message and consume it
 192             link(S),
 193             %% This is still not a perfect solution.
 194             %%
 195             %% The problem is to close the port and consume any exit
 196             %% message while not knowing if this process traps exit
 197             %% nor if this process has a link to the port. Here we
 198             %% just knows that this process traps exit.
 199             %%
 200             %% If we right here get killed for some reason that exit
 201             %% signal will propagate to the port and onwards to anyone
 202             %% that is linked to the port. E.g when we close a socket
 203             %% that is not ours.
 204             %%
 205             %% The problem can be solved with lists:member on our link
 206             %% list but we deem that as potentially too expensive. We
 207             %% need an is_linked/1 function or guard, or we need
 208             %% a port_close function that can atomically unlink...
 209             catch erlang:port_close(S),
 210             receive {'EXIT',S,_} -> ok end;
 211         {trap_exit,false} ->
 212             catch erlang:port_close(S),
 213             ok
 214     end.

But now I'm speculating.  I'm in over my head, here.

Any suggestions on how to clear up these stuck processes would be greatly

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