[erlang-questions] rebar, ct, coverage: "No modules to cover compile"

Roger Lipscombe roger@REDACTED
Sun Dec 1 11:41:49 CET 2013

I'm trying to get code coverage working for my ct test run. However, when I
run "rebar ct -vvv skip_deps=true", I get the following in the output:

WARNING: No modules to cover compile!

My project is organised something like the following:

./rebar.config   -- sub_dirs and lib_dirs
./apps/foo/rebar.config   -- deps, ct_dir, cover_enabled...
./apps/foo/test   -- eunit tests (for which coverage is working when run
with rebar eunit)
./apps/foo/suites    -- ct tests

I've got a cover.spec file that looks like this:

{incl_app, foo, details}.
{incl_dirs_r, ["src", "suites"]}.
{src_dirs, foo, ["src", "suites"]}.
{export, "foo.coverdata"}.

What am I doing wrong?

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