[erlang-questions] odbc module invoking stored procedure with OUT params

Yash Ganthe yash_ganthe@REDACTED
Thu Aug 29 14:45:36 CEST 2013


We have a DB2 stored proc that takes OUT params and returns a CURSOR so that our Erlang module can get a List of records using the odbc module.

We invoke the stored proc using the code:
Params = [{{sql_varchar, 40}, out, [[]]},{{sql_varchar, 40}, out, [[]]}].
{selected, Results}  =  odbc:param_query(Ref,"call SP_NAME(?,?)",Params).

However, when we execute the stored proc, the OUT params get set with a value that indicates that the proc execution is successful, but no records are fetched from the cursor into the list. The output of param_query is :
{executed,2,[{"00000","NO ERROR"}]}

Can you suggest what needs to be done to read the OUT params as well as the records from the stored proc results?


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