[erlang-questions] [ANN] bean2cloud, erlang based HTML5 webapp dev platform

LiYusheng <>
Tue Aug 27 11:32:58 CEST 2013

download link should be http://qyapp.cn/b2c/100/bean2cloud_1.00_i386.deb

hotmail added the last period into the url.


one click to install open source html5 webapp/game dev platform in your local machine which is based on Erlang/Yaws.

The source code can be found at https://bitbucket.org/qiyun/bean2cloud/ 

Subject: [ANN] bean2cloud, erlang based HTML5 webapp dev platform
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 17:10:25 +0800

Dear Erlangers,

We are pleased to announce the release of bean2cloud server, 
a platform for rapid development of HTML5 webapp/games.
It is based on Erlang/Yaws and is open source.
The source code can be found at 

It provides the following features:

1. Social development of HTML5 projects. 
It has distributed version control, data storage backend, online code edition,
project deployment, task management, messenger for collaboration.

2. One click to setup the whole enviroment in a machine.
no need to do any configuration.

3. One command to pack the whole development enviroment.
The whole enviroment can be packed into a single installation package. 
Can easily deploy the pack in other machines/cloud

4. One command to pack HTML5 projects into APK or iOS installation package.
Can be directly installed in all android/iOS phones/pads.
Can be directly pushed to all web stores.

5. Write backend logic in your favirate language(s).
Either javascript,Erlang,Php all supported.
Future languages include Python,Ruby,Java.

6. Use your favorite data store at ease.
sqlite,postgresql have builtin support.
Future data store includes mysql,riak,mongodb

7. Completely open source, completely free.

You can go to http://qyapp.cn/qiyun/main for online tryout. 
some noteable webapp/games created by this platform are 

projmgmt (http://qyapp.cn/qiyun/qyprojmgmt_sln/qyprojmgmt)
form builder (http://qyapp.cn/qiyun/qyFormBuilder_sln/qyFormBuilder)
qiyun data platform support (http://qyapp.cn/qiyun/qydps_sln/qydps)
team.r.us (http://qyapp.cn/teamrus)
wolf (http://qyapp.cn/ganyouyin/wolf)
Twister (http://qyapp.cn/ganyouyin/Twister)

To install the environment in your local machine, please do the following:

1. download http://qyapp.cn/b2c/100/bean2cloud_1.00_i386.deb.

2. either double click the downloaded deb, 
or run dpkg -i bean2cloud_1.00_i386.deb to install it.

3. once installed, open a console(Ctrl+Alt+T), and run "qystart".

4. a browser webapp will show up and 
you should have bean2cloud installed and running!
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