[erlang-questions] slow response of post method of https request using httpc module

aadi i i.aadi07@REDACTED
Sat Aug 24 17:14:35 CEST 2013

Our Application (which uses existing Erlang OTP R15B01 modules) sends 
https  request to external authentication server..and  it gets reply and 
seems work fine under normal cases

But under heavy loads  some requests are  failing  since they are consuming 
more time to do ssl handshake

and i have observed the following things during ssl handshake

client is taking(our application ) nearly 80 sec to send the certificate 
after server hello is  done with server certificate

since our server expects to complete the request- response in 30 sec 
otherwise it drops the connection hence results to connection failures and 
effects the performance of application severely

and finally i would like to know
- Is  our application failing  to invoke the client certificate quickly .? 
i mean does httpc module do the file/IO related operations to invoke the 
certificates which results to slow response under heavy loads..?

-Does Erlang has any limitations in ssl handshake procedure ..? 

Thanks in Advance :-)
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