[erlang-questions] Core erlang wildcards and sequences

Ludovic Demblans ludovic@REDACTED
Sat Aug 24 14:30:59 CEST 2013


So it's better to stick with nested let-exprs.

It's quite hard to find docs about core erlang, i have some docs but not
examples to hack with. Would you mind to post an example of erlang code
which would use letrecs when compiled to core erlang ?

If i read well, 'local recursive functions' are sorts of self-aware funs
that can call themselves ? And theese funs are NOT able to NOT call
themselves so local NON-recursive functions are missing in core erlang ...
I'm not sure i really get what "local function" means : funs or functions
local from a module perspective. If it's the latter then i don't
understand why the calling code should treat recursive functions
specifically, because the calling code just call a function and don't have
to know what this function does, does it ?

Thank you


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Le Thu, 22 Aug 2013 18:41:22 +0200, Robert Virding
<robert.virding@REDACTED> a écrit:

> While the Erlang compiler stacks let this is not really necessary as  
> Core does supports nested calls. It is really not defined in which order  
> the arguments will be evaluated, which is one reason why Erlang does the  
> explicit nested lets. In one sense there it makes no difference as the  
> resultant code will be the same, however the optimisation passes of the  
> compiler more or less assume the flattened nested form.
> There is one thing missing in Core and that is non-recursive local  
> function definitions. Using letrec defines a recursive function so if  
> you want to reuse local function names as local to a block you can't,  
> you have to invent a new name each time. Almost trivial but still  
> annoying.
> Robert
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>> Ok so i'll continue to stack let expressions, it seems simple.
>> Thanks for the replies,
>> Ludovic
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