[erlang-questions] Persistent tree datastructure

Janos Hary janos.n.hary@REDACTED
Mon Aug 19 12:44:06 CEST 2013

This is interesting. Would it be a custom mnesia_access callback module? Or
what does the 'custom backend' exactly mean?

Can you point me to some documentation or example?





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i face this problem once,

and i use mnesia with a custom backend to store the tree structure.

the custom backend is a simple interface to the filesystem.


2013/8/17 Janos Hary <janos.n.hary@REDACTED>



Is there any Erlang library or method to handle trees persistently with ACID

I'm looking for something to handle filesystem like data with 1-100million
records and varying nesting levels.


Thanks in advance,


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