[erlang-questions] New version of PCRE in master - please, please test!

Patrik Nyblom pan@REDACTED
Fri Aug 16 12:07:43 CEST 2013

Hello all regexp hackers!

I've bumped the PCRE version in our master branch, so that we now use 
the latest and greatest.

This includes support for Unicode character properties, among other things.

However, this also means potential incompatibilities that's hard to 
foresee, there might be subtle differences in the regular expression 
evaluation, after all they have fixed bugs that we never knew was there...

It would be nice if heavy (or inspired) regular expression users would 
try this out - i.e. check out and build from master (aka R17A) and see if
their systems still work.

It would also bee nice if any trouble was reported within the next two 
weeks, as I will quit OTP after that and I'm quite well acquainted with 
the code right now, so we would gain time If I knew about problems asap...

The branch I merged also contains fixes/extensions for other issues with 
re discussed previously on the lists, like:
OTP-11205: Correctly handle dupnames in re
OTP-10285: re does not handle PCRE_ERROR_LOOP_LIMIT correctly
And of course the issues of re not handling Unicode character properties 
(that comes with the new PCRE version, but there is also a new option to 
The documentation is of course also updated.

So please try it out and report any strange behavior on erlang-bugs (if 
you know they are bugs) or on erlang-questions (if you're unsure). 
There's no time like the present...:)


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