[erlang-questions] How to tune erlang memory allocator to use 25 GB of ram and stop munmaping it?

Lukas Larsson lukas@REDACTED
Thu Aug 15 10:05:01 CEST 2013


Did increasing the max mseg_alloc sbc limit help?

After thinking a bit more on this issue, I think that my original
hypothesis was correct. You are allocating way more sbc than you want to.
Moving more of you allocations into mbcs should drastically decrease the
number of mmaps needed and also instead of placing one binary within one
mmap area, it will place many binaries within a larger mmaped area.

Do you have any idea of the average sizes of the binaries that you are
allocating? If you do I would try to set the sbct to be high enough that
maybe 80% of all binaries fit below it. At the same time you should
probably also adjust the smbcs and lmbcs to a higher value, maybe something
like smbcs = 0.5*sbct lmbcs = 10*sbct. If you know that you will be using a
lot of binaries you could also set smbcs to be higher to start with, or
decrease the growth stages (mbcgs) so that you faster get to the lmbcs. You
will have to play around with sbct, smbcs, lmbcs and mbcgs and measure
performance and memory usage to see what is the best fit for you.

When doing this you can remove the mmsbc config again as you will
(hopefully) be using very few sbcs.


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> Oh, thank you, will try it.
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