[erlang-questions] How to code against an interface rather than an implementation?

Chris Cook cookchrisd@REDACTED
Fri Aug 9 14:57:22 CEST 2013

I cant remember if it throw an error or not, it probably did and probably
glossed over it, if I get chance later this afternoon or if someone gets
chance try it and see, only need two module one function in each and call
it with a dynamic function, could use pass an atom is in as a variable in
to the calling function with V:F(), doesnt need to be in state.

On 9 August 2013 13:49, Daniil Churikov <ddosia@REDACTED> wrote:

> Hello Chris.
> I am speaking about static analysis tool named "Dialyzer". This tool is
> intended to be used as "error-finder". And what I am interested in is
> whether this tool will be able to understand what module you substitute in
> *State#state.db* and make warning that this module is not properly
> written (i.e. miss some functions or this functions will not be able to
> handle what you will feed them).
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