[erlang-questions] ErlExec stdin and other questions

OvermindDL1 overminddl1@REDACTED
Tue Aug 6 12:22:49 CEST 2013

I have been attempting to use ErlExec as I noticed that it had a few new
features added six days ago to forward the stdout/stderr to an Erlang PID,
however I am having some issue.  The process that erlexec runs occasionally
does not die when the Erlang VM dies, thus keeping it and its children

Also I need a way to send commands back to the children, but I am either
not seeing a command for that or have not figured out the format to send a
message, which is difficult because of the main issue I have, when I have
it launch a fairly large server software (that is not a daemon for whatever
reason, hence why I am wrapping it), the Erlang shell seems to lose a great
deal of input that I type in, only catching from every 1 in 4 I type to 1
in 400 characters I type, and it does not seem to matter based on the speed
I hit keys or holding a key or anything of the sort, just purely on
keypress down, and it remains like that until I kill the child process that
I started through erlexec.

Using the normal Erlang Ports works fine and has no such issues (other than
the child not coming down with the VM either and no direct kill command
when the child hangs, which it occasionally does, but os:cmd("kill ...")
works around that well enough.

Is ErlExec stable enough for high use?  Or am I doing something wrong?
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