[erlang-questions] Issue with "Programming Erlang" sample

Carlo Bertoldi carlo.bertoldi@REDACTED
Tue Apr 16 15:08:38 CEST 2013

On 16/04/13 14:52, John Williston wrote:
> Good morning,
  you should change the export line to this
-export([start/1, loop/1]).

Since start is using spwan to call the loop function, it must be exported.
Otherwise, as the error says, the function can't be used from outside 
the module.

> =ERROR REPORT==== 10-Apr-2013::10:31:17 ===
> Error in process <0.39.0> with exit value:
> {undef,[{afile_server,loop,["."],[]}]}
> Can anyone suggest what might be wrong? I’m running under Windows 7
> Professional x64 for sake of reference. Thanks in advance!
> John

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