[erlang-questions] symlink error (I think)

Jeff Schultz jeffschultz@REDACTED
Mon Apr 15 15:19:05 CEST 2013

On 15/04/2013 20:28, Joe Armstrong wrote:
> I tried this on ubuntu as well:
> test() ->
>      File = "/home/ejoearm/work/bugs/share",
>      {ok, X1} = file:read_file_info(File),
>      {ok, X2} = file:read_link_info(File),
>      {X1#file_info.type, X2#file_info.type}.
>> bug:test().
> {directory,symlink}
> So read_file_info does follow symlinks. But the man page says it can return
> type
> symlink. Is this a bug in the manual page? Or have I misunderstood
> something.

Just a guess, but it may return symlink if the symlink's target doesn't 
exist, and the target's type otherwise.

If so, that's probably worth pointing out in the documentation.

     Jeff Schultz

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