[erlang-questions] simulate a transaction

JD Bothma jbothma@REDACTED
Wed Apr 10 19:00:09 CEST 2013

how much guarantee do you need that the rollback happens and when do you
need that to be the case?

Do you need ACID or do you just want to clean up most of the time,
eventually, unless several things fail around the same time and it's ok to
forget to clean up sometimes?

For certain data models and usage patterns something similar to meshup's
riak integration could be useful.

However, I agree with Daniil - if you want a global consistent view, just
go with something made for that.

On 4 April 2013 02:58, Brisa Jiménez <brisa.jimenez.f@REDACTED> wrote:

>     I want to simulate a transaction.
>     I want to know when a riak operation happens.
>     I know that riak isn't a relational database, but it is important for
> me in
>     particular cases to undo operations when something goes wrong.
>     I'm reading about how to use dbg library to trace functions, I hope
> that it
>     will be useful to use inside a module.
>     If any have suggestions about I want to do, I will be very grateful.
>     Regards.
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