[erlang-questions] clustering with SSL (-proto_dist inet_tls)

Kevin Carosso kvc@REDACTED
Sat Apr 6 01:14:45 CEST 2013

We've run into a couple of issues using R15B03-1 and enabling SSL on
Erlang distribution protocol between cluster members:

 (1) We're used to being able to restrict the range of ports used
     between the cluster members via the -kernel parameters
     inet_dist_listen_min and inet_dist_listen_max.

     These seem to be ignored by -proto_dist inet_tls
     Is this expected? Is there an alternative mechanism for specifying
     a range for coordination with firewalls?

 (2) Everytime a BEAM that's been clustered using dist inet_tls exits, it
     produces what appears to be debug output to the console, of the form:

          close called #Port<0.1074> [{inet_tls_dist,close,1,

     which is coming from inet_tls_dist.erl right here:

          close(Socket) ->
              catch _:_ ->
          	io:format("close called ~p ~p~n",[Socket, erlang:get_stacktrace()])

     Looks like left-over debug code, or similar.
     Is this a bug in R15B?

Thanks much,

	/Kevin Carosso

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