[erlang-questions] Problem sending responses back from cnode

Brian Picciano mediocregopher@REDACTED
Wed Apr 3 23:38:05 CEST 2013

I have the following code acting as a c node for an erlang instance:

(a lot of it is copied straight from the tutorial).

Previously I had the c node connecting to the erlang instance and
everything worked fine, however I changed the code to listen for a
connection from an erlang node and work from there to make deployment
easier. Unfortunately now whenever I try to send back a response to the
erlang node using erl_send nothing is sent back to erlang, instead it looks
like the message to be sent is output to the terminal.

For example, if I do:
{any, 'cnode@REDACTED'} ! {get_all_keys}.

in the erlang node with the c node running, the c node should send back the
atom get_all_keys. However nothing gets sent back, and the following is
output to the console where the c node is running:


Does anyone know why this would be happening?
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