[erlang-questions] Configuration file pointing to other configuration files

Matthieu Vachon <>
Mon Oct 29 16:53:51 CET 2012

Hi Slava,

Thanks for trying and setuping a github repo.

Indeed, I tried with your code and it worked as expected without any 
problem. This seemed rather strange since I had tried many different 

 From my findings, it seems that the main configuration must be named 
`sys.config` unless what, it will spit out the error message. To 
reproduce, rename `sys.config` to `app.config` and restart erlang vm 
with `erl -config app`. When doing so, I get my error message:

     {"could not start kernel pid",application_controller,"invalid 
config data: invalid application name:  \"custom\""}

So, having a file named with a different name then `sys.config` will 
prevent erlang from reading other referenced configuration files.

Don't know if I should do something more about this like asking for 
feature request. Anyhow, thank you for solving this problem


On 2012-10-29 00:15, Slava Yurin wrote:
> Hi Matthieu.
> I used this feature without any problem.
> Here my try https://github.com/nevar/sys_test
> 24.10.2012, 21:03, "Matthieu Vachon" 
> <>:
>> Hi All,
>> In the config documentation page
>> (http://www.erlang.org/doc/man/config.html), it is noted that since
>> R10B, the syntax of sys.config was extended to allow pointing to other
>> configuration files.
>>      [{Application, [{Par, Val}]} | File].
>> So, I was wondering if this mechanism is supposed to work when passing a
>> config file via the command line parameter (i.e. -config):
>>      erl -boot boot_file -config sys
>> I'm asking the question because in fact, I tried and I tried and I tried
>> without success. My config file looks like this:
>>      [
>>          {mnesia, [
>>              {dir, "db"}
>>          ]},
>>          "/home/user/project/sys.user.config",
>>      ].
>> But anything I put as the File parameter result in an error. I tried
>> without the .config suffix, with a relative path, at the beginning of
>> the line, at the end. It always saying it's an invalid application name.
>> With this kind of error, I fear it works only in conjunction with a full
>> release and its not meant to work with config file passes as command
>> line arguments. Is it right?
>> Here the full error message:
>>      could not start kernel pid (application_controller) (invalid config
>> data: invalid application name: "/home/user/project/sys.user.config")
>> Regards,
>> Matt
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