[erlang-questions] A proposal for Unicode variable and atom names in Erlang.

Richard O'Keefe <>
Fri Oct 26 05:58:37 CEST 2012

On 23/10/2012, at 12:55 AM, HH Veldstra wrote:
> This might be off-topic now, but rather than modifying the core of a
> language for something that is of no clear benefit 99.99% of the time,
> one would be better off configuring their editor to handle the case
> you've described.

The problem with Emacs support for symbols &c is that people using
Emacs see one thing and people using any other editor see another.

Using symbols for operators is nice, although in the Haskell café
mailing list and Haskell papers I've noted a frequent need for distfix
operators (like banana brackets).

However, it has little or nothing to do with the topic of this thread.

I am impressed with the precision of the 99.99% figure though.
Empirical measurements are *wonderful*: how was that one obtained?

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