[erlang-questions] A proposal for Unicode variable and atom names in Erlang.

Richard O'Keefe <>
Fri Oct 26 05:00:59 CEST 2012

On 22/10/2012, at 10:41 PM, Henning Diedrich wrote:

> There is something to that, seriously.
> On Oct 22, 2012, at 8:55 AM, Valentin Micic <> wrote:
>> Why can't we use colors to express equations? 

Because about 10% of men are colour-blind to some degree.
Two of my colleagues here, for example, are red-green
colour-blind.  Whenever a student of my is writing a report
or thesis, I find myself telling them "if you make the
lines in your graph red and green like that, Dr X and Dr Y
won't be able to tell them apart."

In addition to people who can discriminate fewer colours,
there are of course people who can distinguish more than
most people because they have four kinds of cones instead
of the usual three.  Colours that we think are the same,
they might think are obviously different.

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