[erlang-questions] is luke the only / main dataflow-on-actors-in-erlang thing?

Jay Nelson <>
Thu Oct 25 20:40:17 CEST 2012

I am working on an experimental dataflow-over-OTP project
called Erlang Services Platform (Erlang/SP). It is very immature
right now, but you can get a peek at http://github.com/duomark/erlangsp

The basic approach is to express a service as Co-operating Processes
(co-ops) using the digraph module to create a computational graph.
The coop modules populate the graph with processes.
v0.0.1 allows pipelines and fanouts (w/optional fan in) and support
for OTP sys commands on co-op processes.

Hopefully v0.0.2 will be out before the end of Nov with a real
example showing asynchronous gen_tcp behaviour as a
Co-op Service.


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