[erlang-questions] [ANN] rbx 0.10.0

Dmitry Melnikov <>
Thu Oct 25 19:59:22 CEST 2012

i'd like to introduce rbx (Report Browser eXtended) https://github.com/**
dmitryme/rbx <https://github.com/dmitryme/rbx>

Main features:
- allows to browse logs with you favorite web client(Google, Firefox, etc)
- allows to browse logs (with web browser or console) on several nodes and
no remote shell is needed
- binary compatible with rb - use the same binary log files as rb uses
- implemented in document/view manner and allow user to write his own log

Application consists of 3 main gen_server based servers:
- *rbx *- do the same work as rb does,  except it returns raw record data
as tuple/list of tuples (not a pretty printed output)
- *rbx_inets *- http server, which allow to browse you logs with you web
client(Chrome, Firefox, etc). Can be used to view logs on several nodes
with rbx running.
- *rbx_cons *- console log viewer. Print out logs into file or std out
(almost the same as rb). Can be attached to rbx on remote node
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