[erlang-questions] How much load can supervisors handle?

Chris Hicks <>
Wed Oct 24 23:18:14 CEST 2012

Hello folks,
I'm currently in the process of building an application which is going to be having a large amount of workers spinning up/down with large variations in the numbers of workers per second. At the high end it could be as many as 10k workers spawning per second, some being long-lived while the majority just do some work and then die, and at the low end just a couple hundred. This work could also be done by using a dynamically sized worker pool, but in either case my primary question is this: How much load can one supervisor handle?
Does anyone have any experience running one supervisor with a thousand, ten-thousand, or more, workers under it with a high rate of churn? Would a dynamically expanding tree of supervisors, which would obviously need to be balanced, be a good solution for this?
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