[erlang-questions] Specifying directories that contain .beam files

Yash Ganthe <>
Wed Oct 24 20:30:32 CEST 2012

I set the environment variable in Windows but get an error:

E:\DummyErlQAU>set ERL_LIBS="C:\Program Files\erl5.9.1\lib\erlsom-1.2.1"

{error_logger,{{2012,10,24},{14,28,26}},std_error,"File operation
error: eio. Target: \"C:\Program Files\erl5.9.1\lib\erlsom-1.2.1\".
Function: list_dir. Process: code_server."}

=ERROR REPORT==== 24-Oct-2012::10:28:26 ===
File operation error: eio. Target: "C:\Program
Files\erl5.9.1\lib\erlsom-1.2.1". Function: list_dir. Process:
Eshell V5.9.1  (abort with ^G)

What could be wrong?

On 10/24/12, David Mercer <> wrote:
> On Wednesday, October 24, 2012, Yash Ganthe wrote:
>> Is it possible to setup an environment variable that lists all the
>> directories where ERL should look for .beam files? This is equivalent to
>> the CLASSPATH we set in Java.
>> The aim is to have erlang look for default directories rather than having
>> them passed using the -pa option to ERL.
> ERL_LIBS may be what you want.
> Cheers,

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