[erlang-questions] A proposal for Unicode variable and atom names in Erlang.

Toby Thain <>
Tue Oct 23 03:03:15 CEST 2012

On 22/10/12 1:08 AM, Yurii Rashkovskii wrote:
> Richard,
> Please excuse my ignorance, but can you name a single good reason for
> non-latin atoms and variable names?

Not everyone uses the Roman alphabet.

 > From my personal point of view, this
> is a sure road to hell.

Now imagine positions reversed with someone else.

> How would you read these pieces of code:
> Довж1 = length(Сп1)
> [Г|Х]
> ?
> Isn't it a blessing that we all are using a fairly short and commonly
> known alphabet

But we're not.


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