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Roberto Ostinelli <>
Mon Oct 22 03:19:35 CEST 2012

Just to expose my own efforts again:


On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 5:58 PM, envelopes envelopes

> We just need a good Erlang Eclipse plugin....
> On Oct 21, 2012 3:53 PM, "Greg Martin" <> wrote:
>>  On 12-10-21 02:27 PM, Vlad Dumitrescu wrote:
>> On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 10:59 PM, Greg Martin <><>wrote:
>> It would seem to me that there is much in erlang that would lend itself
>> to a
>> very extensible IDE and yet there doesn't seem to be such a beast. I'm
>> curious if anyone has any thoughts on why this hasn't been done. I
>> understand that many folks like emacs and there is some integration with
>> it
>> but it seems that something better could be done ...
>> Hi,
>> Do you mean "an erlang ide written in erlang"? I had this vision too
>> for some years ago. The problem that I stumbled upon is that the
>> actual editing functionality and all the UI related to that are a huge
>> project in themselves. So getting to a level where one would start to
>> look at how to support erlang would take along time. That's why I
>> preferred to lean on an existing framework (eclipse, see plug below
>> ;-))
>> Otherwise, there's also erlide [plug] and there's nice support in
>> sublime text too.
>> There's also another track: provide erlang services for handling
>> source code (cross-references and such), wrap them in a nice API and
>> let emacs/eclipse/etc use them. I dropped this because we had
>> stability issues, but it might just be something lacking in my skills
>> and someone else could succeed better.
>> regards,
>> Vlad
>> I've never really embraced emacs, preferring vi in the past. Right now I
>> use komodo which is an excellent editor and I do take your point on the
>> effort required to produce such a beast. Having "live" hooks in a running
>> installation, though, could certainly provide a lot of great functionality.
>> Well, maybe someday. Meanwhile it's a screen full of terminals I guess!
>> Still ... when an IDE and language are integrated the write and compile,
>> save and backup to repository cycles become much more transparent. Just day
>> dreaming out loud.
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