[erlang-questions] Let's count Erlang programmers in the list!

Matthias Lang <>
Sun Oct 21 21:52:17 CEST 2012

On Sunday, October 21, Varuna wrote:

> Any idea if Erlang has been ported onto hardware other
> than those provided by Ericsson?

If you set the bar for "ported" as low as "compiled for something
Ericsson haven't compiled for", then there are quite a few examples in
linux-based embedded devices, e.g.

  http://www.bluishcoder.co.nz/2005/11/erlang-on-gumstix.html  (2005!)

you can also see configuration files people both inside and outside
Ericsson have contributed for cross compiling in the /xcomp directory
in the source tree.

If you set the bar higher, then I vaguely recall a couple of efforts
to port to less common unix variants. AIX, I think, and probably
something else too.


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