[erlang-questions] Let's count Erlang programmers in the list!

Pierpaolo Bernardi <>
Fri Oct 19 20:38:08 CEST 2012

Maybe would be simpler to just ask the ml administrator how many
subscriber has this list?

I doubt that a significant fraction of  us are not programmers (full
time erlangers will be less, of course).

2012/10/19, Max Bourinov <>:
> Hi guys,
> I see that demand of Erlang on the market is rapidly grows. I think it is
> just beautiful news! People are realizing the power of Erlang.
> Also I heard strange information that there are 2-3 thousands full-time
> Erlang programmers in the world and this is biggest problem of the
> language. I have no idea how to calculate all Erlangers, but my first
> thought to ask a list to reply to this mail so we all can see how many
> replies we have. Of course it won't count all Erlangers, but I believe that
> big part of Erlangers are in this list.
> So, please reply just once!
> Let distributed asynchronous counting begin!
> Best regards,
> Max

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