[erlang-questions] Turning rebar into a package manager

Max Lapshin <>
Fri Oct 19 15:55:05 CEST 2012

> 1. build script that can build and produce a package. So, POM (a lot
> of XML that you dislike so much is actually one of the best things
> about maven, sorry).

Can it produce package that will run on any platform? No, of course,
because there may be C extensions.
So we either fallback to debian way of building on server farm, or
distribute in source.
In any case there is no explicit need of packages except current
practice of repo on github.

> 2. centralized repository.

Is it good? Why is it good? Why should I go through procedure of
registration of my package when I can just point to proper repo on

> 3. unified process. Makes it easy to start with mavenized projects.

rebar already has it

> 4. transitive dependencies.

rebar already has it.

> 1. maven's use of snapshot dependencies - it makes builds
> non-reproducible ("works on my machine" problem)

rebar has this problem if you don't specify proper version. But you
_can_ specify exact commit
and everything will work ok.

> As you can see most of my good points are also bad points (or
> partially bad), that is why I am avoiding maven like a plague. That is
> not to say it is not a good product. Like with everything else you
> learn its good and avoid the bad ones.

So I don't see anything that rebar can take from maven. Really.
So why do you, java guys tell about it if rebar already does everything ok?

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