[erlang-questions] ct:require and ct:get_config

JD Bothma <>
Fri Oct 19 13:31:45 CEST 2012

It looks like a clause is missing or documented incorrectly for common
test external config:

It says you can require and get config paths up to 3-tuples like


where Required = Key | {Key, SubKeys} | {Key, SubKey, SubKeys}

but in R15B01, only 2-tuples are implemented (ct_config):

require(Key) when is_atom(Key) ->
require({Key,SubKeys}) when is_atom(Key) ->
require(Key) ->

Is there a specific reason for stopping at 2? Would a patch to fix the
documentation or to fix ct_config be preferred? If the latter, any
reason for not recursing down arbitrary depth of config tuple trees?

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