[erlang-questions] application starting in releases

Roberto Ostinelli <>
Mon Oct 15 00:57:17 CEST 2012

This ends up doing "application:start([compiler])" which returns an error,

> init(3) probably ignores return value as it couldn't really know what to
> expect. Try with -eval instead:
>   erl -boot start_sasl -eval 'application:start(compiler).'

Oh I see. I wanted to avoid `eval` for some reason, but this works
perfectly. Thank you.

BTW I vaguely recall rebar can do this for you somehow?

No idea. Tuncer? :)

> Am I actually supposed to use application:start/1 in myapp anyways?
> No, it's quite rare to do that, the only use case I've seen is bringing
> protocol stacks up and down manually depending on availability of some
> backend connections (well, lazy man's way to do that anyway).

Ok this is exactly what I thought.

Again, thank you,

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