[erlang-questions] Cowboy , Concurrency , Tuning

AD <>
Wed Oct 10 04:02:53 CEST 2012


 I currently have a SockJS websocket implementation sitting on top of
cowboy.  We have been going through some tuning/concurrency testing and we
have improved our results drastically by increasing

ERL_MAX_PORTS to 64000
+P parameter to a very high number , around 128000
Kernel tuning

 With this config on a medium VM we have been able to successfully get to
around 60,000 connections, up from 4096 so we are headed in the right
direction :-)

 MY next question is with Cowboy tuning.  I notice that the default
max_connections parameter on the TCP transport is 1024 if not set, but I am
not hitting this issue.  What is the right way to tune NBAcceptor pool and
the the max_connections setting for the acceptor ?

 Right now my start_listener is simply

cowboy:start_listener(my_http_listener, 200,
     cowboy_tcp_transport, [{port, ?COWBOY_HTTP_PORT}],
     cowboy_http_protocol, [{dispatch, Routes}]

but i have seen some examples with

cowboy:start_listener(my_http_listener, 200,
     cowboy_tcp_transport, [{port, ?COWBOY_HTTP_PORT}, *{max_connections,
infinity}* ],
     cowboy_http_protocol, [{dispatch, Routes}]

Cowboy tuning seems like the last place i need to look, any
thoughts/feedback here on best practices ?

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