[erlang-questions] Erlang http servers

David Mercer <>
Thu Oct 4 15:18:04 CEST 2012

Can someone please summarize this thread for me?  If I am going to run a web server in Erlang, which one should I use?



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> Haven't had a need for an HTTP server in Erlang for a while since I last used
> inets-based http server five years back, and now examining what exists in
> public domain.
> The results are quite surprising - everyone who seems comfortable coding in
> Erlang, feels compelled to implement an HTTP server.  Previously we had
> only one contender to inets - yaws.  Now the landscape is quite a mouthful -
> inets, yaws, cowboy, musultin, mochiweb, etc.  As Steve Vinoski rightfully
> points out (*) this doesn't help to pull the blanket in all directions.  From
> personal experience with inets, I recall that once I figured out how to use it, it
> happened to be a very helpful and powerful HTTP library for building an
> application server.  So why don't all the authors of those wonderful
> alternative libraries just patch the inets to extend it with something they feel
> missing so that we only have one good and documented library to use as the
> common denominator?
> Serge
> (*) http://steve.vinoski.net/blog/2011/05/09/erlang-web-server-
> benchmarking
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