[erlang-questions] Erlang http servers

Claes Wikstrom <>
Tue Oct 2 23:29:42 CEST 2012

On 10/1/12 4:30 PM, Kenneth Lundin wrote:
 > I agree with Serge that it is somewhat unfortunate that there are so
 > many initiatives
 > where people write their own implementation of something we already
 > have included in
 > the Erlang/OTP distribution and doing this without even suggesting or
 > asking us if we could
 > incorporate some missing feature or improve the current implementation
 > in various ways.

Why, the more the merrier, let the best library win.

 >>   b) Servers have two interfaces - the protocol interface (HTTP) and
 >> the interface towards
 >>       Erlang (the API if you like). As far as I can see most severs
 >> have different Erlang APIs.
 >>       This is bad.
 > Would be good if there was a kind of standardized API for HTTP-servers
 > and clients.

Disagree, in todays webdevelopment the DOM is the really important
interface, and that is standardized.
Switching servers is work, yes, but doable.

Actually, the API between the protocol HTTP and the erlang code
is pretty much what distinguishes the different servers, this api can
be more or less ... well good. Yaws has appmods to do this, other 
servers have different mechanisms. This is a matter of preference and 
standardizing on this pretty much removes the need for different servers 
and we're back on square one - we should all have contributed
to inets instead. This would have lead to a worse world.


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