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Gustav Simonsson gustav.simonsson@REDACTED
Thu Mar 29 12:33:20 CEST 2012

A fun and challenging way to become more comfortable with the language itself
(and the ubiquitous lists module) is to try out the euler problems in Erlang:


Then try to either find a open-source project or create one yourself that
makes use of multiple processes executing in parallel, possibly on multiple
nodes as well :) That should expose you to the gen_* behaviours, supervisors
and the distribution.

// Gustav

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> Since I could still use a little bit of experience, how would you
> guys recommend I gain some experience working in Erlang? I could go
> through my book and try everything that they have in it. An
> open-source projects? A list of problems I could solve just for the
> heck of it?
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> I think, that when we speak about "erlang programming" there is no
> plain relations "look for a job on monster.com ".
> If there is a company that has such business requirements that can be
> solved with erlang, they need engineer of such qualification than can
> solve this problem in any language. But Erlang will be the best way
> to
> solve it.
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